Hype / Vibrant Schools

Vibrant Schools is a project organised by HYPE Merseyside which aims to provide more opportunities for young people, enhance empty spaces by implementing growing areas and learn about the environment.

Over the past 12 weeks I have been collaborating with St Cuthbert’s High School and HYPE Merseyside to create a Vibrant space in the School’s playground. 50 students from years 7, 8 and 9 took part in a series of workshops to design and build planters for flowers, fruit and vegetables. They also measured the spaces and performed risk assessments in order for them to actually build and install the planters.

Myself and the students designed a mural that not only reflects the schools brand, but is a permanent feature that includes all of their wonderful ideas, including positive words, wildlife, bright leaves, healthy food and greenery – creating a vibrant backdrop for the planters brimming with newly planted seeds and bright flowers. The names of the students involved are displayed in various leaves and elements within the mural. There was an unveiling and launch at the school – students, parents and guests were invited.

The Vibrant Schools project is not only designed to educate the pupils about eating healthily, growing and nurturing, but also about the importance of working together collectively to achieve positive outcomes. The wonderful students and staff worked very hard and made this project a total success. Please follow Hype Merseyside & St Cuthbert’s CHS to keep up to date with the Vibrant Schools project. Second phase coming soon.